About Us

Double Happiness Foods Ltd. was founded in 1970. In four decades of development, this small noodle workshop has transformed into a tight knit group of dedicated employees whose main goal is to produce high quality noodles, wrappers, and pastes for sale to well-known restaurants, supermarkets, caterers and distributors. The company is also in the midst of an expansion in order to cater to our clients. Our clients are businesses that stretch from the West Coast, where our company is situated, to the East Coast. We also hope to continue into the U.S. market. As a result of our Canadian headquarters, Double Happiness prides itself on being a Canadian company and hope to offer the highest quality goods to Canadians.

Our excellent and careful choice of ingredients has allowed us to create high quality products to satisfy the needs of our clients. Double Happiness purchases its supplies directly from our suppliers in order to keep ingredients fresh and to reduce any chances of contamination. Our operation strictly adheres to the requirements of the Federal and Provincial Food Safe Inspection by following the Canadian GMP regulations.

With a strong reputation in the Canadian industry, the company would like to continue to create new business opportunities with other retail distributors, wholesalers and restaurants interested in collaborating with our company. We continually strive to provide our clients with excellent products and superior service. Our future goal is having Double Happiness become a well-known brand to North American families.



雙喜原材料乃從本地供應商直接購買,以保證原料的衛生和新鮮,而且雙喜嚴格按照加拿大的GMP標準進行生產,設備也普遍達到北美洲最先進水平,廠内擁有多部先進的日本製麵機、製皮機和德國真空包裝機,為保證產品的高質量水準提供了充分條件。我們不但通過加拿 大食品安全監督部門的檢查,同時還不斷提高員工的自身素質和衛生要求,再配合高度自動化設備,產品絕對衛生、可靠。公司也擁有一群經驗豐富的生產 技術人員,全心全意地生產出符合要求、令顧客满意的產品。



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